Top 7 Break Free Things to Share

Hey everyone,
It's been really incredible to watch the Break Free actions take place around the world. We're about at the half way point -- and I wanted to pass on some of the top social media and multimedia content that people can share. If you haven't been actively watching all social media but still want to share all the great stuff -- here comes a list from our colleague Thelma at of some of the best content. If you have content you like -- please share below in the comments!
1. It was so great having the Wales action kick things off. Hundreds of people shut down the largest open-cast coal mine in the UK. 
Share this video. Here is the photo album with so many great shots. 
Here is a tweet from it. 
2. Amazing photos from the Philippines, where thousands participated.
3. In Australia 2,000 people shut down the world's largest coal port for a day. Kayakers blocked the harbour entrance while others blocked a critical rail crossing.
This video has some wow! drone footage. 
This Instagram photo of the angels blocking the coal lines is incredible.
4. In Sacramento residents from Kern County, California held a sit-in in front of the Governor's office urging an end to fracking. This was a smaller action, but so powerful. There's a beautiful video that was just released. 
5. There was the first action in Nigeria yesterday - held at Oloibiri, the site of Nigeria’s first oil well. You can check out these great photos. 
I also love this Instagram video from Nnimmo Bassey.
6. And if you want to get excited, check out this awesome video about the upcoming action in Vancouver. 
7. This is a general really good Break Free tweet to share. 

There's so many great things happening, and so many powerful stories being shared (so maybe I cheated and included more than 7). If you want to read more, check out the Break Free Storytelling Hub and follow the Break Free website.

Greenpeace is participating in the following places, see here:

The Swedish environmental movement going to Germany today!
Today many Swedes are going down to Climate Camp in Germany and Ende Gelände. For those that can't go down there will be a online stream happening 24/7 from today at 7pm tonight

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