Introduction to Greenwire

11 december, 2018 - 18:00 till 20:00 CET
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Hey hey DK and NO volunteers! 


*** Date changed from 5 December to the 11th of December because of limited time to prepare due to #Novaky12 rapid responses**

As you know we are moving from Podio to Greenwire within a few weeks. Some of you have already found your way there and some of you haven't. 

For you to get a better understand of how Greenwire works, how to set up and manage groups, write blogs, share news, welcome new volunteers etc. we wanted to host a community call to introduce Greenwire to all of you. 

This call is for everyone and we really encourrange members of the climbing, kayak and boating team to join as well to learn how you can use Greenwire to organize as well. 

The meeting will happen on zoom from 18.00-20.00. I'm aiming for the call to take 1,5 h, but let's say 2 to be on the safe side :)  

Please make sure to create a Greenwire account before the meeting start so that you can follow the presentation:
Greenwire DK
Greenwire NO

Join the meeting by clicking on this link:

Swedish and Finnish volunteers are also welcome to join!

Hope to see many of next week!