What is Greenwire?

Greenpeace Greenwire is an online community that offers support to anyone who wants to make an active contribution to the goals Greenpeace seeks in its campaigns. It is an online platform for people who want to join activities of Greenpeace, or for people with similar goals who want to organise their own activities. On Greenwire you can search for support, share information and have fun connecting with others who share your goals.


Groups on Greenwire

Every Greenpeace local group has an associated group on Greenwire. Joining a Greenwire group will allow you to see and take part in all upcoming events, and will also enable them to email you occasionally to invite you to events.

Groups are spaces for connecting members that have something in common. Search for groups that suit you to get involved. If the sort of group you are looking for doesn’t exist yet, then start your own group. Greenpeace staff and community coaches can give you advice for starting your own group.

There are several types of groups:

  • Local groups: These are for people who can meet up face to face to organise activities in their own towns, cities or regions.

  • Campaign groups: These groups organise activities or projects that support one of the aims of Greenpeace.

  • Interest Groups: These members have a common interest and share information.

  • Skills Groups: Greenpeace needs volunteers with specific skills, such as cooking and painting. Maybe you have a special skill - like music, IT development, graphic design or scientific analysis - and you want to find and organise with other volunteers who share that skill.

Some groups are open - anyone can join. In other groups, the group coordinator will approve your membership request. Some groups are ‘hidden’ and you can only see them if you are invited to join.

Greenwire security

You can see the ‘s’ in https://greenwire.greenpeace.org indicating that Greenpeace Greenwire is operating on a secure connection.

After 40 minutes of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out, to prevent any confidential information being accessed by unknown users.

The content you generate within the site can only be accessed by users who have completed the registration process and who are logged in. If you post content yourself, you can choose whether it is visible to all logged in users, or only to members of certain groups. You can also moderate access to the groups you create - some groups are ‘open’ (anyone can join), some are moderated (anyone can request to join, but must be approved by the group creator), and some are ‘hidden’ (only people who are invited by the group owner can see the group).

If you are concerned about hacking or surveillance, you should know that content on Greenwire (aside from passwords and personal identifying information, which are encrypted) can be considered as secure as unencrypted email. Greenwire’s private message systems, and information within ‘restricted’ groups, should be considered approximately as secure as unencrypted email, and should not be used for content for which legal risk is a concern.

We hope to enable full encryption further down the road.

Some news and activities can be made ‘public’, so they are visible to people who have not logged in to Greenwire. However, comments on all content - even public content - will only be visible after logging in.