READY TO ORGANIZE - Greenpeace Nordic first leadership workshop, Wrap-up

READY TO ORGANIZE - Greenpeace Nordic first leadership workshop, Wrap-up

What happened: On June 5-7 we had 12 volonteers from 5 Swedish cities participating in the first Nordic leadership workshop named Ready To Organize. The volunteer are either in organizing position in our groups at the moment or are intressed to take on an organizing role in the near future.
The intention was to fosters and realizes leadership and organizing qualities in its participants, providing skills and methods for self-leadership, leading and managing volunteer groups as well as planning and executing local volunteer campaigns.

It was an ambitious and challenging workshop where we used the Nordic shifts campaign (priviously named as the UNFCCC campaign) to plan and simulate a local initiative of the Global Day of Action on Sept 26 this year.

The workshop is based on the theory used by the Kaospilots and Greenpeace future leadership program using complexity theory, experiential learning as its foundation. Instead of having the staff telling participants what good leadership is, all participants lead workshops, presented briefs and gave feedback to each other.

What was the outcome: This workshop was clearly a success from both the participants and us as staff. It created a strong feeling of community, empowered the participants on a personal level, gave concrete tools to organize, and created a deeper understanding of the strategies and methods we are developing to strengthen a the volunteer network in the coming years. Specifically we also got them up to date and into planning of the Global Day of Action on the 26 of Sept.

The materials used during the workshop will be shared on Greenwire in the coming month. Similar workshops will also be executed in Finland and Denmark in October.

As we are developing this program further so I'm wondering what would you like to learn to become a better organizer/leader?

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