Hey Norway, Finland is watching you - Arctic Talks 14.11.

What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. Similarly, what happens in court in Norway doesn’t affect only Norway.

As in many other places around the world, we in Finland have been closely watching and participating in the People Vs Arctic Oil campaign. Our volunteers in several cities have successfully raised awareness and collected support for our court case. In Helsinki, a team of volunteers and staff organized an open event to dive deep into the issue.

In the event we had an expert panel discussing the court case and it’s implications to other countries - for example, what could be a similar topic for taking Finland to court, and if our legal system is strong enough to protect our right to a healthy environment.

We also heard directly from Norway the impressions of the first day in court, gave the participants a chance to give their name as evidence and to take a picture with a polar bear, encouraging them to spread the word to their own friends.

The inspiring evening was complete when we got to process our climate change related feelings and life choices with the help of an amazing playback theatre Vox and co., which used various improvising techniques to present our stories back to us.

As the hearings in court are drawing to a close within a couple of days, we hope the support and interest here has been felt in Norway. Good luck to everyone still working hard on this case - we are with you in spirit and action!

(Photography by Juhis Ranta.)