Meet: vrijwilliger Valerio in Canada!

Ha allemaal!

Middels GreenWire kun je gemakkelijk kennismaken met medevrijwilligers in Nederland. Lees het bericht hieronder en maak kennis met een vrijwilliger bij Greenpeace Canada!


Valerio is a long-time Greenpeace volunteer, who is currently working out of our Vancouver office. Thank you Valerio for all your hard work!

1] How long have you been volunteering for Greenpeace and why did you choose Greenpeace at a place to offer you time and energy?
Since 2004 I have engaged myself as a Cyberactivist through the information provided by Greenpeace Italy, and several other countries around the world such as Greenpeace Canada. Online information allowed me to understand how Greenpeace works, in Italy, and internationally.  In June 2006, I joined the Greenpeace Local Group in Milan.

I was motivated to volunteer because Greenpeace is an international organization that focuses on environmental topics without political or financial influences from “outside”.  My motivations started at a very young age.  In elementary school, I remember a teacher who was most sensitive to environmental issues, who raised ecological awareness in our class through journalistic news and by involving us in a children’s theater project against pollution and smog in Italy. Mrs. Luisa Primavera (in Italian her surname means “spring”) was her name, and she was a supporter of Greenpeace.

2] In general, what motivates you in your volunteerism?
Working in the spirit of benevolence, without pressures and tensions, is as a great stimulus for me. Through volunteering, we can pursue our own interests and our passions, but even more- volunteering offers training and constant education on topics of interest.

Another motivation that prompts me to collaborate as a volunteer is friendship. In a group like Greenpeace, one can meet many people with common interests and constructive moments to share.

I’ve also learned many things through volunteering and I’ve taken on many roles as a volunteer with Greenpeace. From group organizing and networking with other environmental groups, to local fundraising and public education, I have had many good opportunities. Having changing roles and various volunteer opportunities has been very motivating for me.

3] Do you have a most memorable moment, activity or project at Greenpeace?
Since I have been a volunteer for Greenpeace, I have lived every moment with intensity and enthusiasm. Every memorable moment is greater than the other.  However, I remember an experience with Greenpeace Russia where I worked from 2008-2009. On Labour Day 2009, I spent three days living in a forest near St. Petersburg with fifteen Greenpeace volunteers and over 150 other volunteers.  We lived in tents and camped together as we were involved in a massive plantation project of Firs and others tree species. It was amazing!

Another unforgettable experience was a presentation given by Greenpeace at a school for young offenders in Milan alongside their biology teacher. Two Greenpeace lessons were given with the aim to sensitize teenage boys and girls locked up in a prison for criminal justice issues. After these two days, many of them had extra motivation to live with positivity: through non-violence, and to fight for what’s good.

Also, I can’t forget the party for Greenpeace’s 40th anniversary in Vancouver where I met a lot of people with the same point of view about environmental respect. I even had the opportunity to speak with a few people who started to take action with Greenpeace 40 years ago. Amazing!

4] Do you have an inspirational message that you want to share with other environmental activists like yourself?
Stay motivated and don’t lose sight of the mission: fighting peacefully for a cleaner and ecologically protected world! Remember, protecting nature saves the lives of our children. Be “eco” logical and seek out a sustainable lifestyle.