Green-Go Short Film Festival

Do you love Tarantino’s arty works or are you a fan of David Attenborough’s documentaries? Do you want to show with breathtaking pictures or with creative animation how much loss we suffer with the degradation of our forests or the overconsumption of food and electricity? Do you want to participate in a new international environmental movement that builds the basic of a green film festival? If you say YES, then this is your place! Spread your environmental message and your talent, and even win with it! Participate in the first Green-Go International Short Film Festival, be a part of the message to show people how much we should preserve our forests that are key for our lives, how much we should take care of our life-bringing soil and food or how much we should reduce our gigantic consumption that destructs our one and only planet. Choose your weapon and SHOOT! It is your time now to spread the word around the world!