How do you organise a plastic attack?

Plastic attacs have been all over Europe lately and after the big succes of our first one in Amsterdam, we hope this will continue to spread and convince the the big Supermarkets that less packaging is needed.

So how do you organise a plastic attack?

1) Ask your friends to join you. It is easier and more fun together.
2) Pick a supermarket and a date, time and meetingpoint near the supermarket.
3) Make an event on Facebook, invite your friends and ask friends to invite friends.
4) Share the event in facebookgroups and other social media.
5) Call the supermarket of your choice and tell them in a friendly way that many people are concerned about the amount of plastic packaging in the shops and what you are going to do at what day and time.
6) Inform media if you like.

7) Ask the participants to meet you at the decided time and place and to bring their own jars and tupperware etc.
8) Show up at the day of the event, wait for everybody to arrive and then walk to the supermarket, buy your groceries and leave the plastic behind in the shoppingcars. Also tell the supermarketstaff why you are doing this and give them suggestions on how they can use less packaging.
9) Make photo's and little films and spread the message on your social media channels and on Trashdating off course!

Good luck and enjoy! 
Pictures by Trashdating