User Agreement for Greenpeace Greenwire India

Greenpeace Greenwire Community Agreement of Greenpeace India: The Fine Print

Greenpeace ( is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. It consists of 27 independent national and regional offices with presence in 40 countries, and a coordinating body, Greenpeace International.

Every national or regional Greenpeace office may choose to set up a Greenpeace Greenwire community for their respective supporters and each have their own terms and conditions.

When you join the Greenpeace Greenwire community website of Greenpeace India, you are joining a community of like-minded people which is supported - and not controlled or directed - by Greenpeace India. By accepting this community agreement and linked policies, you acknowledge that being part of the Greenpeace Greenwire community involves responsibilities for both yourself and Greenpeace India:

Greenpeace India has a responsibility when it provides you with support, to do so professionally, by providing good, well-informed guidance. If you participate in activities organised by Greenpeace India it will ensure an appropriate duty of care for your safety. And in addition, Greenpeace India promises that your data will not be used for any purpose other than what you have signed up for.

You have a responsibility within the Greenpeace Greenwire community to stick to the rules; to not act in such a way that is not in line with the objectives of Greenpeace India, and to ensure that you keep information confidential which may harm Greenpeace India, the global Greenpeace organisation, its allies or the wider movement, if that information is intended for internal use within the community.

This way, Greenpeace India can together with you move people to choose for a green and peaceful future.


Art. 1 Community goals and membership

Greenpeace India has designed the Greenpeace Greenwire community to:

a) enable its volunteers, supporters and allied activists to connect with each other,

b) invite them to participate in activities and campaigns that Greenpeace India organises, and

c) to provide a platform for volunteers, supporters and allied activists to organise their own activities which are aligned with Greenpeace’s long-term goals.and campaigns, but are not directed by Greenpeace India

You can not participate in the Greenpeace Greenwire community without creating a personal profile on Greenpeace Greenwire. As a community member, you have a responsibility to invest time into the community, according to your own availability, through proposing or joining activities and through self-driven initiatives. As a Greenpeace Greenwire community member, you are responsible for joining activities which fit your own needs and availability. When you agree to take on a task, you are responsible for completing that activity - and you agree that you will contact the activity organiser within 4 days to arrange your own replacement if you cannot perform due to e.g. illness or a change in circumstances.


Art. 2 Commencement and termination of this Agreement

By checking the box “I accept the terms of the community agreement and hereby join the Greenpeace Greenwire community of Greenpeace India”, you are agreeing to become part of the Greenpeace Greenwire community of Greenpeace India.

This agreement shall be terminated by written notice by either party, or because you delete your Greenpeace Greenwire profile. Please also sign out of any activities you have committed to prior to deleting your profile, to make sure the organiser of that activity is not counting on you.

Greenpeace India may choose to unilaterally terminate the agreement if the code of conduct articulated in this community agreement (see article 3 and article 11) are violated. Greenpeace India may also terminate the agreement if you have not logged in to Greenpeace Greenwire for at least 6 months. Greenpeace India will notify you at least once, at least one month in advance, before your profile is de-activated or deleted, to allow you the opportunity to reactivate your participation in the community.

Art. 3 Code of Conduct in the Greenpeace Greenwire community

  • Be kind to one another. In your interactions with others in the Greenpeace Greenwire community, online and in person, do not make offensive comments which are contrary to the law or to the principles of Greenpeace (Personal responsibility, nonviolence, independence, equitable sustainability, global mindset, solution & action focus), or which are otherwise offensive. This includes, but is not limited to: intimidation, insults, threats, abuse, obscene language, profanity, sexual harassment, racist or offensive remarks, or inciting violence.
  • Stay on topic, or start a new discussion. Respect the choices of other Greenpeace Greenwire members to start or to join groups or events because they wish to act together towards a certain purpose. If you find that your personal goals and actions are not being addressed, it is your responsibility to start new groups or events to take action, rather than to distract from the agreed purpose of other groups or events.
  • Do not spam: you can not use your account for commercial purposes or mass promotion of a product, service or idea.
  • Be open and honest. Greenpeace India is transparent and accountable and we expect Greenpeace Greenwire members to be transparent and accountable as well. If you are paid by a company, organisation or government for your participation in the Greenpeace Greenwire community - online or in activities - or if you may otherwise have a conflict of interest, you must clearly state that conflict of interest in your profile and in any discussions in which you engage.
  • Do not spread computer viruses, malicious software or malicious programs in order to damage or compromise the security of people’s computers or the Greenpeace Greenwire website of Greenpeace India itself.

Greenpeace India reserves the right to erase, to close for further comment, or to intervene in other ways with content posted by members online in the Greenpeace Greenwire community if such content is considered inappropriate, for example where the code of conduct above has been violated, in whole or in part.

Greenpeace India reserves the right to terminate this agreement with Greenpeace Greenwire members who do not follow the code of conduct, and reserves the express right to suspend or remove their profile from the site without prior warning.

Art. 4 Guidance, information and training

As a Greenpeace Greenwire community member, you have a right to seek out quality guidance from Greenpeace India and from other Greenpeace Greenwire community members. If you choose to participate in an activity, you have the right to receive the necessary information to perform your job or task, and the organiser – Greenpeace India or other community members - have an obligation to provide you with that information. You are obliged to provide the required information and guidance to community members who join activities or groups that you choose to organise. It is expected that you read and understand the provided information; meet deadlines and commitments, when engaging in any activity/campaign, so that they help ensure the activity is delivered properly; and keep information confidential when necessary.

Greenpeace India will offer you, depending on your geographic location and your role in the Greenpeace Greenwire community, the opportunity to participate in training. Participation in some activities or roles will require a mandatory training.


Art. 5 Expenses

There are no costs associated with participation in the Greenpeace Greenwire community - it only requires a common passion and commitment to achieving a green and peaceful world in line with Greenpeace’s long-term goals.

Trainings offered by Greenpeace India will always be offered on a not-for-profit basis - they will be provided either at no cost, or at a reasonable fee to cover any venue, accommodation, travel or logistical costs. The fee, if any, will be set at the discretion of the Greenpeace India. If trainings require a fee, a limited number of scholarships will always be offered to ensure that ability-to-pay is not a barrier to participation.

Expenses for volunteers:

For activities conducted by Greenpeace India, the basic living expenses, such as food, accommodation and travel cost, as budgeted and necessary according to these conditions, will be covered. This does not in any way mean daily wage or payment for services offered.
All expense incurred after the date of activity, should be requested by the volunteer in consult with team leader, who may be Logistics Coordinator, Campaigner or a designated volunteer.
In the case of food, accommodation and travel, there will be no reimbursement if these are provided by Greenpeace.
Bills and vouchers are necessary for reimbursement of expenses

Expenses for activists:

All the expenses incurred by volunteers have to be paid on actuals. Actuals includes travel expenses, food, accommodation and if needed mobile recharge. Use of public transport is encouraged. However in cases where an activist has to take a cab or about to incur expenses which is beyond normal, then it’s the coordinator’s call to approve it.

Duty of Care: Every activist comes under this policy that during an action or on official work, Greenpeace India is responsible for safety and security of the activist. That means if the activist gets injured during Greenpeace work, we take care of medical expenses. Likewise if any valuable of the activist is lost or damaged during official work, we take care of the expenses. However we don’t pay for any such loss or damage occurred due to activist’s negligence or caused due to breaking of protocols.

Art. 6 Insurance

Greenpeace India does not provide individual or collective liability insurance or accident insurance for Greenpeace Greenwire community members during their participation in activities or events organised through Greenpeace Greenwire. It is your own responsibility to clarify and understand insurance conditions with the relevant Greenpeace office before participating in activities organised through Greenpeace Greenwire.

Your participation is therefore at your own risk, to be covered by your own health insurance and accident insurance.


Art. 7 Conflicts

In the event of ambiguities, complaints or conflicts between you and a staff member from Greenpeace India or other any national or regional Greenpeace office, that can not be solved through dialogue, you have the right to request the local Greenpeace Greenwire Coordinator to mediate in the conflict. If the Greenpeace Greenwire Coordinator him/herself is involved, then other Greenpeace India staff will be consulted as required.

Art. 8 Confidentiality

As a member of the Greenpeace Greenwire community, you will have access to information regarding Greenpeace India and other national and regional Greenpeace offices across the world, information that is intended for internal use and/or information that is intended only to be used to enable you to participate in the activities. By accepting the terms of this Community Agreement, you agree to keep secret such information and not distribute such information to third parties (including through online social networks), unless the local Greenpeace Greenwire coordinator gives you express consent in writing, in advance, to disclose that information. This applies both during the term of the agreement, as well as after termination of your profile on Greenpeace Greenwire. You are wholly responsible for the information you release, and shall bear responsibility for the security of any information you have access to. If you don’t abide by these, your account may be terminated.

Art 9. Privacy

It is your responsibility to enter your personal data as accurately and completely as possible, and, should your personal data change, to update the information as quickly and accurately as possible. Giving false information gives Greenpeace India the express right to terminate this agreement and suspend or remove your Greenpeace Greenwire account without prior warning.

Greenpeace India will not disclose personal information to third parties without your consent, unless required to do so under the law.

Greenpeace India’s privacy policy is here.

Art 10. Right to use images and content

Art 10.1 - Greenpeace use of your content

By placing text and images on Greenpeace Greenwire, you give Greenpeace India the right to use this content in its online and print communications and publications, unless you explicitly state, when initially sharing the content, that you wish to retain Copyright or a particular Creative Commons license.

In the case where you have not stated an intention to retain copyright or a Creative Commons license, Greenpeace India will endeavor to contact you in advance, and to attribute the source in publication, however Greenpeace India can not guarantee that this prior contact and attribution will always succeed. You will receive no compensation for Greenpeace’s use of content.

If you have stated that you wish to retain copyright over your content, Greenpeace India,will in all cases contact you before using your images or text, to negotiate the terms of use.

If you have stated that you wish to use a Creative Commons licence for your content, Greenpeace India will adhere to the terms of the specific license in sharing the content, and will endeavour to contact you if necessary.

Art 10.2 - Your use of Greenpeace logo and content

The Greenpeace logo is an internationally registered trademark of Stichting Greenpeace Council in the Netherlands, and should only be shown with prior written permission from Greenpeace India - with the proviso that if you organise activities for Greenpeace India, you may use the Greenpeace logo on flyers, posters, in web design, etc - provided you clearly state that it is a volunteer initiative, and that you follow the international Greenpeace style guide.

It is your responsibility, if using the Greenpeace logo and other images, to ensure that you have appropriate permission and that you therefore are not infringing trademark law. If in doubt, contact a staff member of Greenpeace India, or the owner of the trademark (, for advice.

Where articles and other texts written by Greenpeace India are not intended for internal use only, (see Article 8), you are free to reproduce such articles and other texts for personal or educational purposes, provided that you adhere to the copyright policy of Greenpeace India and state at the beginning of the article: “Source: Greenpeace India”, and that you also reproduce the name of the author and any copyright information from the original text.

Articles, texts and images produced by third parties - even if posted on Greenpeace Greenwire re-published by Greenpeace India - remain the intellectual property of those third parties, and you must seek permission for their use from the original sources before reproducing their content. This also includes Articles, texts and images from other national and regional Greenpeace offices. Please check the copyright policy of the relevant Greenpeace office’s website for the terms and conditions.

Art. 11 Liability

Art 11.1 Liability Information

  • You use our website at your sole risk.
  • We provide our website on an “as is” basis. We do not represent or warrant that the operation of our website will be secure, confidential, uninterrupted, error-free, accurate, complete or current.
  • Except where we are unable to exclude our liability by law, we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage, however it arises, whether in contract, statute of tort (including negligence), arising out of, or in connection with, your use of (including inability to use) our website.
  • We exclude liability for any loss of profit, loss or corruption of data, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential loss or damages suffered or incurred or arising in connection with our website, or in connection with any act or omission by us (negligent or otherwise).
  • You indemnify us against all liability, action, claim, loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with your content, your use of (or inability to use) our website, any breach of our Terms of Service, and your conduct with respect to our website and other users of our website.

All messages in the Greenpeace Greenwire community are written by individual members of the community and thus represent the opinion of the individual and not necessarily the opinion of Greenpeace India, other regional or national Greenpeace offices or Greenpeace International. Official positions and statements of Greenpeace India can be found here.

Art 11.2 Content

Your participation on this web site shall ensure that the content offered under this Agreement is free of:

a) Any vulgar, obscene content.

b) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to corporations or brands.

c) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any personality, living or dead.

d) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to communities, living or extinct.

e) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any city, building, geographical feature, etc. that can be singularly / uniquely identified in the world.

f) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any gender.

g) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to animals.

h) Any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to physical / racial attributes.

i) Any content that is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or the effect whereof is such as to tend to deprave or corrupt any person

j) Any content, the presentation, dissemination or disclosure whereof, infringes any intellectual property right or confidentiality obligation.

k) The contents of any activities organized by Greenpeace Greenwire community members on the Greenpeace Greenwire platform should never conflict with the law of the land, the principles of Greenpeace or the framework as set out on Greenpeace Greenwire

Art 11.3: Liability for user of information

Greenpeace India has no control over the actual activities of Greenpeace Greenwire community members, and accepts no liability for the consequences of activities by Greenpeace Greenwire community members. Therefore Greenpeace India provides no guarantees regarding the accuracy or quality of the contents of files, data and/or materials provided by its users. Greenpeace India accepts no liability for any damages resulting from use of content shared by community members on Greenpeace Greenwire, and is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of such content.

 Art 11.4: Liability on Third Party claiming Damages

If Greenpeace India is nevertheless held liable by third parties for damages caused by activities organised by Greenpeace Greenwire community members, and if  Greenpeace India as a result incurs costs or damages, then the Greenpeace Greenwire community members who have caused Greenpeace India to incur those costs must in all cases fully pay back the damages to GreenpeaceIndia, also if the damage was caused by participants or third parties in an activity led by a Greenpeace Greenwire community member.

Art 11.5 Termination of membership

Willful spreading of misinformation, or promotion of activities that are contrary to the fundamental principles of Greenpeace, or contrary to national law, may result in the offending users’ expulsion from Greenpeace Greenwire India and removal of the user’s profile from Greenpeace India’s records. The misuse of Greenpeace Greenwire India for own financial or other gain or causing nuisance, or trolling, will not be tolerated. Greenpeace India reserves the right to unilaterally cancel this community agreement with such individuals, and to permanently deny Greenpeace Greenwire India community membership to repeated offenders.

Art. 12 Adjusting the conditions

Greenpeace India has the right to adjust and update this Terms of Use/Greenpeace Greenwire community agreement at any time, in which case Greenpeace India will inform you via Greenpeace Greenwire messages and by email. The current terms of use will always be made available on Greenpeace Greenwire itself. If you continue to use the site after one or more changes to the terms of use, this implies that you irrevocably accept these adjustment(s). It is therefore wise to consult these terms regularly.


Article 13 Applicable law

This agreement is subject to the laws of IPC and IT Act 2000. Any disputes which can not be solved amicably or through mediation will be exclusively brought before the competent court having jurisdiction in Bangalore, India.