Local Groups Are Awesome! Updates from Greenpeace Groups Around Canada!

Hello everyone,

As usual, so much going on, it's hard to keep track ... Here are some recent developments in the world of Greenpeace Local Groups.   Much respect to all our groups for  their hard work and dedication. We are overwhelmed by their creativity, positivity and commitment to this organization ...

Here’s a snapshot of their most recent activities:



6 groups participated in Mazaska Talks DOA, organizing public facing, engagement oriented events and actions to support GP and the global movement to stop Tar Sands Pipelines.  

These groups [Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal] will continue to poster, sticker and distribute flyers at tabling events to communicate our campaign messaging around TD throughout the next few months ... distributing thousands of materials around the country! Here is the photo folder. Check out what hey did!


Toronto Demo above: Supporters and community were invited, and a very diverse group attended. The response from everyone was super positive!  


These awesome folk have been busy on many fronts from supporting Surfriders in their campaign to have plastics bags banned in Victoria,  to  helping the Tiny House Warriors by both building and fundraising! This group continues to learn and  skill up, and most recently, some of them travelled to participate in the NVDA  training in Vancouver with Mary Lovell and the Van team!  They also created a fun video after their TD action for Mazaska Talks - check it out here and share!


Team GP Victoria after their TD photo-op ... who do you see there in the top row left??!! Anyone familiar?? YUP! Chris-Ann!!



This team took it to new heights in October with when they unfurled a 50ft wide banner off the High Level bridge to dispel the myth that all Albertans support the controversial Kinder Morgan pipeline.  There action was meticulous planned and ran smooth like butter - very professional with lots of media coverage (below).  See their action photos and videos here.  Shortly after that,  they coordinated a small public demonstration outside TD bank with drummers, street chalk and  a really smart ask to the public to fill-in TD comment cards (which were hand delivered to the bank manager) criticizing their financing of tar sands pipelines! Since then, they have also been targeting TD online with sneaky and negative google reviews. Moving onwards - they  are now fully in strategic and organizational  planning mode with the help of Mary Lovell!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Media coverage from their banner drop:








Edmonton Journal





Team Winnipeg gave us a scare, when one of their amazing group organizers, Katie Hartle, had to take a well-deserved break from coordinating the team, but thankfully, after some planning and searching, I would like to introduce Zoe Clin to our team as the new Greenpeace liaison for Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Greenpeace group is still more forward with their  culture shifting, over-consumption driven-work. They collected 6 bags of garbage in their community clean-up effort.  Their next step is sending a picture of Tim Horton trash that they collected, to Tim Horton's head managers to ask them how they plan to reduce their waste! Looking forward to the response :)




Our Toronto Local Group has been busy busy busy,  getting creative and active in many different ways.  From multiple Greenpeace tablings at Toronto’s  Climate Fast Film Festival, learning how to make giant puppets with Clay and Paper Theatre, to organizing  a public street spectacle  at Nuit Blanche (educating folks on the perils of single-use plastics) ... PLUS  pressuring  TD on many fronts from postering and stickering events,  to coordinating  a demo outside TD (alongside a very diverse range of GP supporters participating) and then ...  following up by helping out as activists in the TD Hologram Action. They are doing so much!  Not to mention keeping our mob-hub in Toronto buzzing with positivity and activity (which is so nice to be around). Yeah!



GTA Greenspeakers

It’s the busiest time right now for our GTA Greenspeakers!  They have 7 presentations lined up in schools/community locals  around Toronto  between now and the end of January, and they have recently put together a new workshop on Biodiversity. Check it out here!  Their most recent workshop at Blake Public School received rave reviews from the teacher!





Greenpeace Ottawa volunteers dove into supporting the Mazaska Talks day of action  from coordinating a community brainstorm,  to art building and stickering and postering and  then organizing a demonstration outside  of a  busy downtown TD location.   Read their blog about it here. Keeping the pressure on, the joined others in Ottawa rallying against the Pro-Pipeline tour held by Alberta's Premier Rachel Notley. Moving onwards, they are now in planning mode, thinking about what they can be doing to push for a move to 100% renewables  in Ontario, in the lead up to the elections in 2018.  Stay tuned for more!!





Greenpeace Halifax has also been busy! Partially  in planning mode, thinking things through in new ways, they have been organizing  meetings and inviting new folks to join their team!  Read their most recent blog to learn all about their work. Joining the others,  Greenpeace Halifax pulled together an ad busting activity blitzing the city with TD stickers and posters in support of Mazaska Talks DOA.  Also very important is their ongoing community and allyship work supporting local grassroots initiatives and events in Halifax including  Divest Dal and Stop Alton Gas! Can’t wait to see what these wonderful people have planned moving into 2018.




Our new group in Hamilton has just  established their leadership team on McMaster campus. This team of 3,  will now  be going into the new year with the intention of building up a  Greenpeace group. They plan to host their first public meeting in January with the hope of  visioning and objective setting.



After a couple months enjoying summer vacation the Montreal Local Group came back with many new members. They participated in the Zero Waste Festival, and they showed thirst to act on the problem of plastic. They are organising an event the 10th of December next week that is linked to make something week. At that event there, there will be a skillshare on the many ways to reduce our consumption and our waste, and a documentary projection on that topic, perfect timing for christmas. Here is the facebook event.




Th McGill Local Group is changing leadership. Luisa who was coordinating the group has passed the torch to Geneviève and Alice. They also participated in the Zero Waste Festival alongside Montreal. As well, they organized a movie screening on their campus - An Inconvenient Truth 2 - An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Powerand also are doing some fundraising activities to get ready for a big event in 2018!





Montreal Greenspeaker


There is fresh new group in montreal who specialize in education, using Greenpeace campaigns and the mission to educate youth at schools in Montreal. Giving hope to youth that they can do something for a better world is vital. The group hasn't done any presentations yet, as they are still at the stage of self-constructing.


Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Thanks for reading.