Youth for Climate London: March for our Future

2019 Février 28 - de 12:00PM à 3:00PM EST
City Hall Dufferin Avenue 300 N6B 1Z1 London
Type d'événement:
Manifestation, Rassemblement
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Youth for Climate March 

This is an open call for support/ people who would like to speak at this event/ people who would like to help organize or promote this event. This event is entirely youth-led, and it is an extension of the European climate marches. This march will be the first in a series of marches! 

What we stand for:

 -Science-based, responsible and transparent climate policy in line with the Paris Agreement.  
-Challenging the assertion that climate change is the fault of the people, and to call attention the few people who are responsible for putting their own interests ahead of our right to a healthy future.


Our aims: 

1. To bring the Climate Crisis into the public eye. 

2. To criticize what Doug Ford aims to do to the Green Energy Act, and to support the cap-and-trade market. 


Event Details 

February 28th

At 12:00 PM, we will meet in front of London City Hall for speeches and group organization. The march will begin at 12:30 and end around 1:30. Closing remarks will follow in front of City Hall.