Vancouver Local Group Meeting !

2019 Janvier 08 - de 6:30PM à 7:45PM PST
Greenpeace office Vancouver Commercial Drive 1726 V5N 4A3 Vancouver
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Réunion, Rencontre, Evènement
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Hey all


I want to invite you all to our first meeting for 2019!


We will continue to normally meet on Thursdays this year but for this week i have changed it to the Tuesday because I cannot make the Thursday. Probably from then on we will resume our biweekly Thursday rhythm so our meeting after that should be on the 24th of January if nothing changes. 


I hope you can all make it! 


We will discuss:


-Art builds! We want to schedule several art builds in January and February, on weekends at the warehouse and/or combined with meetings at the office. We want to craft letters for photo shoots, a banner, signs for upcoming projects, etc. 


- Polluter pay As mentioned before Gp is launching this initiative this year in Vancouver among other cities and we will find ways to support it.


- i was waiting for my friend whose idea it was to have more time but she has told me to start without her , so we will now in earnest begin with Climate conversations, planning and preparation


- potentially another plastic attack this year


- tabling this year..?


- what else should we do? 


See you soon!



 If this will be your first meeting, read on:   

There are Greenpeace Local Groups and allied groups all over the world. These collaborative-based groups are made-up of Greenpeace volunteers who are autonomously organising alongside Greenpeace in their local communities  and I want to make this happen in Vancouver!

Do you have organising skills, time to volunteer, and a passion for Greenpeace and our work ?

Do you have an idea for a protest, a petition, a local campaign about issues aligned with protecting our environment ?

Have you been trying to make a change as an individual but would love to turn it into a collective effort?

Do you want to help organise fun social events that also raise awareness about important issues?

Do you want to help educate the general public about the dangers of pipelines, what destructive things  their banks may be doing with their money, the dangers of plastic pollution, the amazing solutions we can all come up with?

Do you want to pool your strength with like minded people to hold big companies or governments accountable for the damage they are  doing to nature?

In the future we would like to make some of these meetings and events children -  and baby - friendly, as people taking full time care of little ones should also be able to have their say in how the world is shaped and do their bit to protect their children's future! Let us know if you want to volunteer to be a childminder at future events. Ideally several people would take turns.

Whether you would like to take on an organising role at our new group, or you want to be on call to help with any projects we come up with, come out to meet us and help get this group off the ground!

Hope you can join us!