Greenpeace McGill - Zero Waste Fiesta 2018!


Here’s a video showcasing the amazing event organized by Greenpeace McGill on March 30th, 2018.




The Zero Waste Fiesta is the longest running and second largest zero-waste festival in Montreal!


The goal of the event is to highlight the Zero Waste trend and showcase the importance of the movement in a fun and original way: MULTIPLE KIOSKS, FREE THRIFT SHOP, MUSIC, FREE FOOD, AND ZERO WASTE STARTER KITS.


It’s a chance to learn about a new lifestyle surrounded by passionate individuals and creative ideas!


Here’s a message from Greenpeace McGill volunteers (and organizers):


Thank you to everyone who made our  Zero Waste Fiesta possible! We created this video as a way to commemorate the event and show how the zero waste community is growing everyday! Even the little things matter, so we are encouraging everyone to continue using the inspiration found at this event to say no to single use items and invest in a greener future”.