Greenpeace Halifax Local Group

Welcome to the Greenpeace Halifax Local Group page. Here you will be able to stay up to date with our meetings, events, demonstrations, activities and more.

Vancouver Volunteers

This is a group for Greenpeace volunteers from across the Vancouver area to share their initiatives, news and ideas to mobilize for our planet. Together we are stronger.


Life on our blue planet depends on healthy oceans, but reports warn that sea life faces the next mass extinction. Next to climate change, overfishing is the single greatest threat...

Global Land Share Project

Global Land Share Network: Making land use affordable to people! The first property is in Peace River, AB. Its 53 acres and is offered generally as 130$ per acre per month! Please...

Save Thundering Waters Forest

We ask that a moratorium be placed on the development of the Thundering Waters Forest until a clear, transparent, public process can decisively establish the full social,...