Photo Album: Greenpeace Canada Volunteers & Supporters Stand Up for Free Speech & Forest Protection!

Around the globe, Greenpeace supporters stand in solidarity with the message #OurVoicesAreVital to unite against Canadian logging company Resolute's multiple lawsuits to stifle free speech and the organisation's work to protect the Great Northern Forest in Canada.

In Canada, Local Groups, staff and allies from coast to coast participated in this solidarity photo action.

Check out these awesome photos from Canada in the order they appear: Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke,Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax!

Amazing work everyone and thank you for you support. Together, we are stronger!

We Unite. We Resist. We Build.

Want to know more? Read the blog by Ethan Gilbert "We Speak for the Trees!"

Watch the video!