Activists Deliver TransMountain Pipeline to Mr. Trudeau on Behalf of Kinder Morgan

This weekend, we delivered the Trans Mountain Pipeline to the Parliament Hill on behalf of Kinder Morgan to demonstrate our opposition to the impending federal buyout of the Trans Mountain pipeline.  

The Texan company Kinder Morgan announced in May that it would not proceed with the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline if the federal government could not assure completion of the project. The Liberal government entered in negotiations with the company to buy the pipeline with a deadline of July 22nd set to find private buyers. In lieu of a third party purchaser, the federal government will buy the pipeline for $4.5 billion.

“The Liberal government was elected on the promise of real climate action; spending $4.5B of taxpayers money on an old leaky pipeline flies in the face of the promise they made to Canadians and the international community in Paris.”

“We are here in solidarity with Indigenous communities on the West coast who have fought so hard and for so long to protect their land and water from the impacts of fossil fuel infrastructure: projects like this pipeline. The Trans Mountain Pipeline jeopardizes the health of coastal ecosystems, including endangered Orca populations.” 

This demonstration echos a wider national resistance to the buyout, visible in town halls that have been held across the country with Members of Parliament, continued resistance on the ground in British Columbia, and this past week’s banner drop from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. 

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