2018 February 07 - 12:00AM EST to 2018 February 28 - 11:45PM EST
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Art Performance or Exhibit, Online Activity, Protest
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Hey folks,

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

In order to save the planet, we need you to buy wine!

Alberta is boycotting BC wine as punishment for BC restricting new shipments of bitumen until they have a better scientific understanding of heavy oil spills.

BC wines and the 12,000 people who work in the wine sector have become casualties in the Kinder Morgan controvery.

Let's show our appreciation for BC by buying some BC wine! Take a wine selfie!!!


#PinotNotPipelines #toastthecoast #stopkm



  • To express solidarity with Indigenous defenders and allies fighting the Kinder Morgan pipeline;
  • To push back against Alberta’s wine ban in the funnest way possible;



On Tuesday, the Alberta government announced a ban on all BC wine sales. They announced the ban as retaliation to B.C.’s recent announcement to look at restricting new bitumen exports until more scientific research can be done on tar sands effect on water.

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Action Concept:

Hold a #PinotNotPipelines social event - could be a party, a small get together, or just an addition to your regular meeting - buy some BC wine and then take a selfie of you, and your group drinking it. Then post your message to facebook and twitter with a solidarity message to BC with the hashtags #BCwine #PinotNotPipelines.


**Please share your photo albums on Greenwire, so we can amplify!