Environmental Education on 21st Century Issues is a Must!

Education is extremely important.

Knowledge is power.


The environment is fragile and it's up to all of us to look after it. I have made numerous observations to find out about how much people know about environmental issues. I went out with some friends for lunch, and I started the conversation of Kinder Morgan. All of us live in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. One friend asked me puzzled on what was Kinder Morgan, and another wasn’t aware of the environmental issues caused by pipelines. Another friend knew very little about it and this left me sad. It left me puzzled and shocked that most of my friends lacked knowledge about it as well as the environmental issues it would cause. I explained to them the risks, current events, as well as what people and organizations are doing to try to prevent the expansion of pipelines.


Most of my friends are in College or University, but they still don't have much environmental awareness around certain issues . Whenever I discuss environmental issues with my friends, I try as much as possible to make people aware of the current and local environmental issues going on.


I reflect on my days in high school and noticed that even myself lacked so much environmental knowledge. It wasn’t until I began taking courses at College on the environment, volunteering for environmental organizations, as well interacting and socializing with people  who have experience in the environmental sector, that I learned so much.


Educating the public and bringing greater awareness on current environmental issues is beneficial for all society and a must!!