Incredible! Local Group Updates April-July 2018


So much is going on in the world of local groups!

While this is not an exhaustive list of local group efforts, it's an impressive snapshot of recent mobilization and movement building initiatives either led or supported by our fantastic network of (English-speaking) Greenpeace local groups across Canada.

Many, many, many cheers (and hugs) of appreciation for everyone's efforts and passion.  You are all an inspiration. Thank you!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon from our fabulous Quebec-based groups! 


~National LG Coordinator at Greenpeace Canada


Our Greenpeace LG in Victoria is still going strong supporting the #NoPipelines movement, organizing alongside other allied groups in the city.  From the occupation of Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s office in Vancouver to a creative Victoria focused TD bank action, and mass rally opposing the KM buyout (with hundreds of people participating!) - We see no rest for this group as they stay strong and vibrant!

Check out some of their media coverage:


This new and motivated group has been busy since they marched together for the first time on Earth Day!  They had a fun time tabling at Car Free Day in June while pushing the plastics pledge alongside their plastic garbage monster!  Up next - A 'Plastic Attack' in Vancouver supermarkets, a fundraiser for activist legal support +++  working on the Sept 15th Plastic Polluters 'beach audit' alongside Greenpeace Canada and Surfrider!


Bridging art and activism alongside many edgy and disruptive actions targeting government and Kinder Morgan, the Climate Justice Group in Edmonton is pushing new boundaries and showcasing the many faces of the movement in Alberta that want a renewable energy future. After locking down external funding for their project, they are moving forward with their inspiring project “People on the Path”  seeking individuals to feature in this collaborative art installation and inviting people to share their hopes & vision for the just energy future we deserve. So excited to this project come to full fruition!


Our first ever high school group coordinated a bottle-return program at their school and finished off their school year with a tree planting party! Love it!


The Winnipeg LG  launched their 2018 Plastic Free Peg work on Earth Day, with their living banner #breakfreefromplastic at the Winnipeg Human Rights Museum!  Since then, their 'Strawless Summer' campaign has been going really well! They have reached over their goal of 100+ restaurants (amazing!), and they are sharing content every single day from on FB and Instagram.  In July,  they coordinated a free film screening and discussion of a 'Plastic Tide', alongside Green Action Centre, with over 60 people in attendance.  They set up a Greenpeace table and encouraged people to download the Million Acts of Blue Toolkit.

GP Winnipeg’s  “Plastic Free Peg” campaign in 2018 has received lots of good media so far, check it out:


For those of you following our Nukes Campaign in Ontario, you will have noticed that our Toronto LG has been offline superstars!  From multiple demonstrations with live feeds to participating in the CNCS hearings as intervenors - it’s been an excellent run for this group in the past few months. An impressive 10+ local group volunteers (of various backgrounds) presented during the Pickering renewal process - you can watch some of their full presentations here!   Plus - they managed to have fun to boot! by marching in Toronto’s pride parade. Up next, they are switching focus and building a new team to work on Ocean-Plastics! They are starting off by helping out at a Greenpeace table at Pedestrian Sunday Kensington in July, and are also eager to support the upcoming Greenpeace Plastic Polluter brand audit in September.

GTA Greenspeakers, ON

Our Toronto Greenspeakers have been quiet since school has been out, yet they are still meeting and refining their process. A well-deserved break is in order since these folks were averaging one Greenpeace workshop per week from January to June! WOW!


Good news! I am working with a new Greenpeace volunteer in Hamilton who wants to revive the local group in Hamilton! We ’ll hopefully be hosting a Greenpeace orientation in September - stay tuned for more!


Moving between both our #NoPlastics and #NoPiplines work -  Greenpeace Ottawa is doing so much to represent Greenpeace and to support the grassroots movement Ottawa.  There is so much happening it’s hard to keep up. In the lead up to the Ontario election, the group ran their own ivoteclimate campaign, showing up to numerous political debates to ask essential questions around climate!  On Canada Day, they took the opportunity to engage with the crowds in Ottawa to discuss single-use plastic reduction, and with the ongoing pipeline buyout embarrassment, the group has been working closely with 350 and other grassroots groups - organizing demonstrations and  supporting the People’s Town Hall and film screening to show disapproval around the buyout and to engage our government directly on the Hill.

Here is some great media coverage:


Our Halifax LG launched their work on #NoPlastics during Oceans Week in June, announcing that they had recruited  20+ businesses in Halifax to only give out plastic straws upon request (yay!). It was an excellent starting point for them, and you can read (and share) their insightful blog here about this project.  Following this, Greenpeace Halifax coordinated a special event in collaboration with Peace Boat in July.  This event provided an opportunity for youth from around the world to talk about the impacts of climate change and ocean degradation, and how they are personally being impacted by climate change. Up next - this group is keen as always to collaborate with Greenpeace Canada and Ecology Action Centre for the Plastic Polluters 'brand audit' on September 15th: ‘World Clean-up Day’.