Call to Protect the Oceans!

If Walmart cleans up its tuna supply chain, it could help make a huge difference for the future of our oceans.

We need your help to convince the retail giant to act now.


Deliver a letter to a Walmart store manager near you, and tell them Great Value brand tuna is harming ocean life! Store managers play a key role in pushing for change within the company, let's encourage them to act. We've already drafted a letter (attached in this toolkit!), all you need to do is send it, or hand deliver it!


Walmart is in a unique position to help change destructive fisheries, but it is refusing to do so. Walmart sources its Great Value brand tuna from Thai Union, the largest tuna company in the world. After hearing from over half-a-million people like you, Thai Union has come to the table with us to identify solutions. Thai Union is so influential, that if it changes, it will spark the rest of the seafood industry to follow suit. We need to make sure they continue to feel the pressure.


Walmart - the largest retailer in the world - must use its buying power to convince Thai Union to make some big changes.


PS. Want to be more creative in getting your letter to Walmart? Check out some great ideas here!  You can find a list and address for all Walmart stores in your province here.