Kinder Morgan Dance Off


I Challenge Kinder Morgan to a dance off!

Currently Burnaby BC is facing an unconsentual pipeline development. The citizens of BC have not agreed to this project. Our governments, elected democratically, refuse to act democratically and have even put the prospect of military action on the table

First nations and concerned citizens have come together on unceded costal salish territory are standing up even as the industry begins clearing way in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area for a pipeline that was not voted for, has not been accepted, and would only exist in defiance of scientific fact and principle concerning public and global safety and our nations commitments to clamate change impact reduction targets. targets

The idea I propose, and I hope others will join me, is to sink to the level of our government and industry proponents and take a moment to embrace the Absurdity of these events and enjoy the same freedom they enjoy everyday when they make desicions from a place of absurd and non-sensical action. Let's go to the gates of the Kinder Morgan facility on Burnaby Mountain and dance like no one is watching! I will bring a boom box and I will be wearing the most absurd and out rageous attire I can muster (that usually means undies on the outside), and I hope you will too!

This is not arrestable as we will stay outside the injunction zone but within view of other activists and police officers on site. Hopefully this will help demonstrate the silliness of such nearsighted desicions as represented by the transmountain Pipeline, as well as spread a fundamental joy of life, play and expression that all humans no matter what they support, have within them.

This is an Event proposal as I have been out of touch with my wonderful Greenpeace friends and the general activist community for a while, I am hoping to reach out in creative spontinaeity with other high spirited indiviuduals to go play in the rain!

Plesase let me know if you would like to participate in an event like this and we can create a time for our Dance Off.