Don't Nuke TO


Don't Nuke TO

Greenpeace’s Don’t Nuke TO group aims to create the conditions necessary for a safe and renewable energy system in Canada.

In Ontario, that means exposing the true risks and costs of nuclear which the industry-- and government officials-- would rather keep hidden. Rejecting the false logic of "it's fossil fuels or nuclear" and demanding our right to a clean energy future.

In 2015, the Don't Nuke TO team spoke out at public hearings into the future of the Darlington plant, reached out to their political leaders, and made a lot of change happen-- including passing a City of Toronto Executive Committee motion to improve nuclear emergency planning.

In 2016, we'll continue to create a public debate on whether government authorities can protect Ontarians in the event of a Fukushima scale accident. Ontario hasn’t updated its offsite nuclear plans since Fukushima. 

We need people to speak up and tell government authorities that they should be protecting Canadians instead of the nuclear industry.  You can help by speaking out yourself and inspiring city councillors, groups and individuals to do the same. And we will support you with all of the tools and resources you will need.

Together, let's lay the groundwork for a truly green, clean, and renewable powered Ontario! 

To bring about the conditions necessary for a truly green energy grid in Ontario.
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