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Clyde River Solidarity Group

Inuit in the coastal town of Clyde River, Nunavut — one of the most remote communities in the world — are protesting dangerous oil exploration in their waters. A five-year oil exploration project in Baffin Bay and Davis Strait (off Clyde River’s coast) has been approved by the National Energy Board (NEB) without Inuit consent. This project allows seismic blasting — a process of firing loud sonic explosions through the ocean to find oil — as a first step towards dangerous Arctic oil drilling. But it’s not just the oil drilling that’s dangerous — these explosions can disrupt migration paths of marine animals like narwhals, belugas, and bowheads, sometimes causing permanent hearing loss, and in the worst case, even death.

For the past two years the community has been campaigning to prevent seismic blasting from happening by filing a legal case against the seismic companies, NEB, and the federal government for failure to consult.  The Supreme Court of Canada has now agreed to hear their case. The stakes in this case are really high: if the court rules in Clyde River’s favour, it will set a supreme and total precedent for oil and gas projects across Canada. This case will decide what Indigenous consent to proposed energy projects looks like, hopefully shaping the future of energy development in Canada and beyond for the better.

Like most northern and remote communities, Clyde River currently depends on dirty diesel generators for their energy needs.  Working together with Greenpeace and a renewable energy coop, they are demonstrating that another way is possible. This summer, Greenpeace travelled to Clyde River to support the installation of the community’s first solar energy system - one of the northernmost solar energy systems in the world!  

Join this brave community in their fight to protect their home and their traditions!  Join this group to stay informed with latest campaign updates, amplify the content to help raise awareness and find out more about how to support Clyde River and their legal battle in the coming months!  

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Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (COTTFN) are also going to the Supreme Court, alongside Clyde River.  COTTFN is going to the Supreme Court of Canada to assert their rights as an Indigenous community.  The community, near London, Ontario, is challenging the Canadian government to recognise and uphold the Crown’s treaty obligations with regard to an industrial project on their traditional territory. Their court case comes as a response to the failure of the Canadian government to consult Chippewas of the Thames First Nation on Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal project which went online last November and is set to transport fracked gas and tar sands dilbit. Despite a complete lack of consultation with Chippewas of the Thames and the community’s objections to the project, the Canadian government allowed the project to go ahead, breaching their duty towards Indigenous nations as outlined in the Canadian constitution. Find out more here.
Supporting Clyde River in their campaign against seismic blasting
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