Atlantic Province Politics - NB, NS, PEI, NL


Atlantic Province Politics - NB, NS, PEI, NL

Out East we've got some of the most beautiful natural environments in Canada, but also a bunch of problems...

  • The Irvings of NB with their crazy control of the Provincial government, unsustainable forestry operations, and cancer-causing oil refineries in St John
  • Offshore oil and gas leases, and the threat of increased tanker traffic off NS.
  • Over-use of pesticides and industrial fertilisers across the 'little green island' of PEI.
  • Really weird renewable energy laws that make it difficult for solar and wind companies to get off the ground.
  • Nuclear power at Point Lepreau.
  • Fracking. Ugh.

If you are interested in working on these things (and more!), let's get in touch. Let's share what campaigning initiatives already exist, and figure out how we can form a small group of dedicated and active citizens, and ultimately make a difference.

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Connecting green and peaceful people in the Atlantic provinces
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