Toronto Volunteers - Call to Action! Greenpeace Solidarity Photo!

2017 May 26 - 5:30PM to 6:30PM EDT
Queen's Park Toronto
52 persons are going

Join us for a Greenpeace Community Photo!

Dear Friends,

We are reaching  to our volunteers, supporters and allied groups in Toronto!

Greenpeace, and in fact freedom of speech itself is under serious corporate threat.  

Many of you are  aware that Greenpeace is currently facing multi-million dollar lawsuits, filed by Resolute Forest Products, simply for speaking out for the future of intact and biodiverse Boreal forests.

At stake is not just the future of the Boreal but the right of Greenpeace to expose environmental crimes and hold those responsible to account.

Lawsuits like these are called Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPP suits, and they are a dangerous tool in the corporate toolbox to stop people from speaking out.

If we lose the lawsuits, it could have wide ranging and profound consequences for both Greenpeace and other civil society organizations, as it could set a dangerous precedent for all groups speaking out against large corporations. Not to mention the impact it will have on Canada's forests, endangered wildlife and Indigenous People.

In response - we are coordinating a global effort which unites everyone under the backdrop of that which provides life to all of us: The Trees!  

We are going to have our picture taken in front a of a stunningly beautiful tree. Our goal is to capture a community photo displaying our defiance in protecting free speech and the forest, and show our global and diverse solidarity at this crucial time.

Please join us for this action, so we can present a strong united voice!

Who: Greenpeace staff, supporters, volunteers and allies are invited ...
When: Friday May 26th at 5:30 pm
Where: Queen's Park (north side), Meet at the old Northern Red Oak tree near Wellesley & Queen Park Crescent East
Why: A global effort to send a message that Resolute’s unsustainable forestry practices and attacks on free speech should not be tolerated.

***PLUS - This is great opportunity to meet Greenpeace International’s Executive Director Bunny McDiarmid, who will be joining us for this activity.  She’s amazing!!!!!

Please RSVP here on Greenwire so we can plan for your attendance and bring enough t-shirts and snacks! [Everyone's invited to stay for a picnic hangout in the park afterwards!]

See you in Queen's Park, and please spread the word.  Invite you friend and families - all are welcome.

With respect and gratitude,
Greenpeace Canada Mobilization Unit