Toronto: General Strike Against Doug Ford

2019 May 01 - 12:00PM to 2:00PM EDT
Queens Park Wellesley Street West 111 Toronto
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To make our voices heard, our numbers seen and our opinions respected by Mr. Doug Ford.

1 - This event will tell the Ontario government that we, the people of Ontario, are willing to grind this province to a halt to make these ill-informed cuts stop. It will show the unions that the people of Ontario will stand in solidarity with them. It has no other political agenda, outside of stopping the current agenda being played out in Ontario and reminding Doug Ford who he works for.

2 - We encourage the people of Ontario to take an hour on May 1st and not contribute to the work done in Ontario that collectively makes us healthy and wealthy. After that, go back to the ‘business’ of being awesome. It would be a phenomenal thing if you were to spend that hour educating yourself on the power of General Strikes and the power of people acting collectively.

3 - If you want to take that hour standing in solidarity with other good folks, we encourage you to gather in public squares at noon and break bread together (BYObread, or maybe something to share). We are a community, and we are powerful.

4 - Do this with joy, all of our hearts have felt enough distress. Change is needed, and all of the power is in our hands.

5 - This event has been pulled together by two women, Daxy and Flo, (yes those are our real names), who share the common goal of a better Ontario for all. It was not sparked by any politician, nor will it be co-opted by anyone. We are keeping it simple, and ask only for your support of this single idea, and your friendly participation.

There are already organized events happening in Hamilton and Toronto. We look forward to letting folks know about more cities as they join.

Most importantly, remember that all of the power in this is in the hands of the beautiful people of Ontario. We can do this, together. We are very open to hearing your thoughts, and very open to you organizing your own events in your own spaces.