Ottawa Gatineau local group's #ourvoicesarevital action

2017 May 26 - 7:00PM to 8:00PM EDT
Central Experimental Farm Prince of Wales Drive Ottawa
Event Type:
Photo Opportunity
23 persons are going

Hello everyone!

We need your help!  Please come on out for our  #ourvoicesarevital action!  Bring your friends :)

Greenpeace, and in fact freedom of speech itself, is under serious corporate threat - we are currently facing multi-million dollar lawsuits, filed by Resolute Forest Products, simply for speaking out for the future of intact and biodiverse Boreal forests. 

Lawsuits like these are called Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPP suits, and they are a dangerous tool in the corporate toolbox to stop people from speaking out.  While threatening Greenpeace, this could also set a dangerous precedent for all groups speaking out against large corporations.   

Greenpeace is coordinating a global effort which unites everyone under the backdrop of that which provides life to all of us: The Trees!     We are going to have our picture taken in front a of a stunningly beautiful tree - to capture a community photo displaying our defiance in protecting free speech and the forest, and show our global and diverse solidarity at this crucial time.

Please join us for this action, so we can present a strong united voice! 

Friday May 26, at 7pm (until 8pm) at the Central Experimental Farm, Arboretum.  Please meet at 7pm at the first parking area/lookout on the loop driveway.  Please see the attached map.  (free stickers for everyone!)

Hope to see you there, 


Greenpeace Ottawa Gatineau Local Group