Ottawa: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

2016 May 15 - 1:00PM to 3:00PM EDT
Dow's Lake
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Join Greenpeace Volunteers in Ottawa on Sunday May 15th as they take action against Energy East and call for a 100% renewable energy future.  Bring your canoes, kayaks, signs and decorations!  .

WHEN: Sunday May 15th at 1 PM

WHERE: Dow’s Lake – on the water 

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It’s no secret that 2015 was one of the hottest years on record and one of the world’s biggest contributors to our rapidly changing climate is Canada’s tar sands. It’s time for us to break free from fossil fuels. You and I both know that dangerous tar sands infrastructure,  such as the proposed Energy East pipeline, will only lock us into the fossil fuel economy of the past, and make the shift to 100% renewables that much harder.

We won’t be the only ones taking action this May.  Break Free is an unprecedented global wave of direct actions targeting the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in order to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. Together we’ll show the global resolve to break free from the shackles of polluting fuels accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy.