"I Vote Climate" - Ottawa Centre All-Candidate's Debate 2

2018 May 28 - 7:00PM to 9:00PM EDT
St George's Parish Piccadilly Avenue 415 Ottawa
3 persons are going

The severe consequences of climate change  are abundantly documented, but we know it doesn’t have to be this way. We have, here in Ontario, the knowledge, the technical expertise, and the human power to make sure climate change does not destroy our way of life. Which it will, if we don’t act BIG on this issue NOW. There’s no time to lose.

We need to show our local candidates that the climate is the most important issue we face. 

The Ottawa Local Group is rolling out our "I Vote Climate" strategy. The goal is to pressure elected officials to transition Canada off of fossil fuels with the urgency required to avoid a severe disruption of our climate by making climate change an election issue (starting with the provincial elections, but then to be carried on for municipal and federal elections).

Please join us at upcoming all candidate debates and election events. We need your support to:

  • Ask the candidates climate questions
  • Distribute pamphlets to constituents and encourage them to ask climate-related questions 
  • Dress up in our polar bear outfit 
  • Engage with the media, take photos, share content on social media