Court Hearing Against Ford’s Attack On Climate Action - Toronto/GTA

2019 April 01 - 10:00AM to 5:00PM EDT
Osgoode Hall Queen Street West 130 M5H 2N5 Toronto
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Presentation or Debate
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Greenpeace and Ecojustice have filed a lawsuit against Doug Ford’s government for failing to consult the public when it ended Ontario’s cap and trade program, which puts a limit on the carbon emissions companies can emit.

We think Ford’s reckless attempt to gut our environmental laws was not only undemocratic, it was illegal. So we’re challenging the Ford government, arguing it needs to follow the law and listen to the science before passing legislation on climate change.

Our legal strategy has already forced the government to open public consultations on its anti-climate legislation. We’ve enabled 4,548 Greenpeace supporters to speak out against the plan, as well as push back against other reckless parts of Ford’s agenda.

Ford might think the election gave him a free pass to derail Ontario’s climate plan. But an election with around 23% of Ontario’s voting population is not a mandate to slow the entire country’s progress on climate action.

Winning this case would reinforce the government’s duty to consult the people of Ontario on important environmental decisions. And it would send a strong message that Ontarians want and need a real climate plan.

Greenpeace and Ecojustice supporters across Ontario have made this case possible with your generous support — and we hope you can be there to see the hearing play out.

Flooding the courtroom with supporters will send a strong message to the government that Ontarians are watching this case — and we want answers. Will you join us?

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