Say No to Nukes

At a time where global efforts are being made to commit to renewable energy, Ontario’s decision makers seem to be stuck in the past by keeping the dangerous Pickering Nuclear Generating Station running past its design life. 

The Pickering reactors are located 30 km away from Toronto’s downtown, closer to a major population centre than any other nuclear station in the world! For a forward-thinking city like ours, the continued operation of a nuclear station so close to such a large population is shocking.  

Not only is the station so close to so many people, it is also one of the oldest nuclear reactor to continue its operations in North America. It doesn’t take more than common sense to realize that as nuclear reactors age, the risk of accidents and leaks increase.

Pickering station’s operational design life ended in 2014, but Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is asking the Ministry of Energy to extend the lifetime of these problematic reactors to 2024. The answer should be ‘no’.

The OPG claims that keeping the station running will save Ontario’s electricity costumers millions of dollars. But despite the record high costs of operating Pickering station, people are not profiting from its production: Pickering station’s output is much more than we need! So much so that most of this surplus is being exported to Michigan at a cost to Torontonians through increased electricity prices (go figure!). OPG profits, but we pay.

With such economical and safety risks for Ontario, the government is responsible for shutting down Pickering.

The provincial election on June 8th can be a decisive moment about Pickering’s future.  The next government will decide if Pickering is allowed to keep operating

If we demand all political candidates to commit to shutting down Pickering station, we can keep our city safe.

Join us in speaking out against Pickering station and protecting Toronto’s future.

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Photo taken by Greenpeace Toronto Local Group members at Eglinton Go Station