No Renewing Non-Renewables

By: Amir Ali
Greenpeace Toronto Local Group Volunteer and Organizer

Being a native Torontonian can hardly explain my uncanny attachment to this city. I cannot put my finger on it exactly, maybe that is what makes it all the more powerful, Toronto’s je ne sais quoi. With this deep attachment comes deep concern, and the issue I am most concerned with at the moment is the potential that the nuclear power plant in Pickering will be granted yet another operating extension this summer.  

It does not take a nuclear physicist to understand that running the Pickering plant for nearly double its design life is not safe (it was originally designed to operate for 30 years, it has already been 45, and its safety record has been deteriorating with age). With the upcoming Fukushima anniversary it would do us good to remember there are glaring concerns in Pickering just as there were at Fukushima and just as they did we are ignoring them.  

On a personal note, Pickering nuclear plant has occupied space in the deep recesses of my mind ever since I was young. Occasionally a three-eyed fish joke would bubble to the surface of my consciousness, or I would catch myself in a dystopian fantasy where I was the sole survivor of a nuclear fallout (seeing as I had radiation resistance thanks to living so close to the plant all of those years).   But resorting to fantasy is not cutting it anymore. The potential dangers are too real to ignore and our politicians are acting with wanton disregard for our best interests; instead, they are catering to the wishes of a select few (namely, the nuclear industry itself). Surprise, surprise, nothing new. Nevertheless we can stop them—they work for us although we often forget it.  

So here is your call to action: if you are one of the millions of Torontonians who gains nothing from having nuclear near us, while bearing all of its costs, we need you! Please, come out to a Don’t Nuke TO meeting and learn how you can help Greenpeace shut down Pickering nuclear.  

If you'd like to help let us know here:

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