The majestic Arctic Sunrise!!

The Arctic Sunrise on a beautiful Sunday morning is an intriguing site to see. The icebreaker has been to so many locations on the globe. The crew and organizers were friendly and always ready to help. It was amazing seeing everybody volunteer and helping out so the public can know more about Greenpeace as well as the environmental issues currently going on. The volunteers were happy to be there as well as the organizers and crew seeing the smiling faces of the public as they boarded the Arctic Sunrise.

The groups of people that came on board were guided to numerous stations around the Arctic Sunrise and the public was informed of the numerous campaigns and issues with plastic pollution as well as Kinder Morgan and other pipelines polluting and contaminating the water and land.

It was a hot and sunny day, and everybody was working hard to make this event happen and promote environmental awareness among the public. Volunteers could have been with family or friends but its great they spent their time on a Sunday helping out, giving tours, cleaning, and working hard because they love the environment and hummanity. It was a great day indeed!!!

Thanks to all the crew, organizers and volunteers!!!