Greenpeace supporters help turn the tide for climate protection during the federal election!

Coast to coast, Greenpeace supporters are stepping up and taking action to further the movement for climate protection in Canada and around the world.  We have three weeks until the federal election.  Three weeks to convince our political leaders that now is the time to impress and progress (or get off the train!), by making ambitious commitments towards our renewable future.  This would include first and foremost -  stopping tar sands and pipeline expasions!  The Harper government continually proves to be at a loss.

I am however, continually impressed and inspired by the level of engagement I have seen by Greenpeace supporters and the broader movement! As this election period unfolds, it has become clear to me that people want change and they want it now. United by the common future that is clean and just for our children and grandchildren, the power of civic engagement and direct action is ever so important.

This week’s incredible victory against Shell, is further proof that people power has an impactShell abandoning their drilling plans in the Alaskan Arctic is a massive leap forward for climate protection and  hopefully will fuel our motivation as the next few weeks ahead are ever so important.  Hillary Clinton’s announcement opposing the Keystone XL pipeline also amplifies my hope. And yet another important source of inspiration is Greenpeace International's recent Energy Revolution 2015 report, which outlines a realistic pathway to a 100% sustainable energy supply by 2050 that will also provide millions of jobs to boot!  

Over the last few weeks, Greenpeace volunteers across Canada have been doing outreach at local rallies and demonstrations, speaking with local candidates about important climate change issues, and blasting social media with photo-bombs!  Thank you to everyone so far who has taken action! Please help us spread the word, as more action is needed! 

[Toronto volunteers publicly demanding 100% renewable economy by 2050]

[Volunteers outside the Munk debate, sending important messages to political candidates]

[Our youngest supporters at Vancouver’s Salish Sea Gathering demanding 100% renewables for their future]

[Volunteers bring our message to the French Leaders' Debate in Quebec]

[Photo-bombing candidate signs]

Now is the time to transition alongside other nations around the world towards a low-carbon economy based on clean, renewable energy. Economy and environment are top of minds for Canadians in this federal election, and it’s no secret that the two are inextricably bound to each other.   Scientists are telling us the clock is ticking to tackle the problem of climate change  as climate related extreme weather conditions is affecting Canada and the world through droughts, fires, floods and rising sea water.

So ... How can you help?!

1] Join the movement and send a message directly to our political leaders by supporting Greenpeace's I Vote Climate campaign.

2] Download the tool kit for essential resources to help you take action in your local community through a variety of easy (yet effective) actions you can take on autonomously.

3] Log in to  Greenwire and  join our I Vote Climate Organizing Group and connect with other Greenpeace supporters in your area.  Social movements happen by making connections, joining forces with allies and supporting each other through challenging times. Remember - Greenpeace started by a few passionate friends who wanted to make a difference.

4] VOTE for  trustworthy leaders (with proven environmental track records!), who are making major commitments to climate protection through ambitious fossil fuel emission reductions.

Thank you for all your support.

In solidarity,

Aspa Tzaras

Local Group &  Greenwire Coordinators for Greenpeace Canada