Climate Change and Wildlife

April 29th was a very important day around the globe there was numerous marches throughout the globe. The marches were about climate change as well as its repercussions on the environment. Climate change has and is affecting wildlife around the globe. The march in vancouver which I attended was a perfect example of democracy. Everyone had banners there was inflatable elephants two giant ones whcih had wriiten on the sides "stop Site C dam". We all marched around vancouver the destination was the library it was an exciting thrilling march for the environment altough it was pouring rain hence the name rainy vancouver!!!

Wildlife is being darastically destroyed by society due to garbage, polltuion, sewage as well as fossil fuels. Deforestation as well as pollution are having dire impacts on the environment for example the woodpecker is being impacted by deforestation. Climate change will negatively affect society for instace rising sea levels are affecting islands in  the south pacific and its inhabitants are at great risk hence the name "climate refugees". Climate change is affecting society as well as the environment for example the number of species going extict such as amphibians which are extremely sensitve to climate variations.

Everyone together can contribute and make a better world with a healthier environment!!!!