Fossil Free Belgium


Fossil Free Belgium

The Divestment-movement is gaining traction worldwide, so it's about time we got a Belgian section started as well. The idea behind the movement is that as long as people keep investing in fossil fuel companies they won't be inclined to change their behavou. What we need is a financial shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


We know for a fact that if we want to stck to the limit of 2°C global warming we can't burn 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves, yet right now fossil fuel companies still keep exploring for more fossil fuels instead of investing in renewables. So we're faced with a difficult choice: either financial collapse when 80+% of the stock of these companies becomes worthless because we decide they can no longer burn their reserves or dramatic and dangerous global warming. Divestment offers an alternative.


Divestment has worked in the past to end Apartheid in South-Africa and it's working today: all over the world universities, pension funds etc. are divesting from fossil fuels. Now it's time for Belgium to get in on that action!

To convince banks, citizens, public institutions and political authorities to stop investing in fossil fuels

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