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This group will be focusing on online legal action, called e-activism. E-activism is a way of doing action by using the Internet as its core tool – from dropping difficult questions on a Facebook page to changing the Google search results of a company. With the e-activist team we are looking for Internet know-it-alls who can be very annoying or just smart enough to find ways in overloading online channels with a certain message. Your input is very Important in this team, together we make the team and its actions successful!

This page is a communication platform for e-activists things like future actions, trainings, workshops or simple questions will be asked or announced here. If you have any idea’s or suggestions, just post them on the chat. You can also find the Code of Conduct in this group, please read it so you know the boundaries for legal online action.

In the end of November we will organize an evening where we will discuss and explain the idea’s we have for the team. It is a night for brainstorming and sharing your most fun or crazy ideas, with drinks and food. When exactly will be announced in November.

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