Action No DAPL

14 Décembre 2016 - de 17:00 à 19:00 CET
ING HQ (near metro thrône) Marnixlaan 24 1000 Brussel
6 personnes participent

Because we don't need more pipelines carrying more oil to wreck our climate. Because the Sioux have the right to refuse this infrastructure being built on their property. Because it's horribly racist to force the Sioux to accept at gunpoint what the people of Bismarck wouldn't accept (i.e. an oil pipeline crossing their water supply, threatening to poison them in case of a spill). Because water is sacred.


Because ING is one of the banks backing this horrible project we'll show the employees footage of the oppression on site, how peaceful protestors are violently being attacked by police and private security forces. We hope this will get a conversation going within the company and result in them stopping their loans to the project, as happend in Norway: (or well, almost: they sold their stock and are thinking about stopping the loans).