Stop APRIL from destroying the indonesian forest


Stop APRIL from destroying the indonesian forest

Diggers from one of Indonesias biggest pulp and paper companies, APRIL, are tearing up Indonesia’s beautiful rainforests for cheap paper right now. Huge areas have already been torn down, wiping out wildlife and destroying the livelihoods of local people.

Indonesia’s rainforests are home to untold numbers of rare and beautiful plants and animals. Every year, scientists uncover more rare species that can’t be found anywhere else. Yet these forests are disappearing fast, as companies like APRIL chop down the ancient trees.

Last year alone, APRIL cleared an area three times the size of Paris. Endangered animals that call Indonesia home cannot take much more destruction. Once these forests are gone, orang-utans and tigers will have no where left to go.

Officeworks and Fuji Xerox have already suspended their contracts with APRIL because of their terrible environmental record. Now let's make sure that no one gives APRIL their business unless they clean up their act. 

Office Choice and Office National are still buying from APRIL whose reckless forest destruction threatens endangered orang-utans, tigers and pygmy elephants. They care what their customers think. If we show how outraged we are, they will have to tell their head office who is buying the paper from the APRIL who's chopping down rainforests.

Our Forests team has been writing to Office Choice & Office National about dealing with rainforest destroyer APRIL for months – and they haven’t once replied.

But they care what their customers think. So if we can show how outraged we are, we can make them stop buying paper from the company chopping down rainforests.

To make sure that they can't ignore the facts. We need to deliver as many Greenpeace reports, on APRIL's dodgy practices, to as many stores across the country as possible.

The plan is to go to as many Office Choice & Office National stores hand over the report and politely tell them why selling APRIL products is bad and encourage them to tell their Head Office that their customers aren't happy with the APRIL products their selling.

You can find the Frequently Asked Questions page and APRIL Reports for the stores in the groups documents by clicking on the documents tab in the new and media section above.

Set up a store visit by selecting a store event in the events map, if you want to find another one near you - you can find the Office Choice store locations near you here and the Office National store locations here. Simply click on Add Event in the APRIL groups event page here

if you need a team, invite folks in the comments of the event page here, invite someone directly in their shout box or private message them.

We want to speak to the owners or managers if possible and remember to be polite as it's not the store owners that are clearing the forest! The more respectful we are, the more likely they will be to listen to us. If they ask us to leave we should respectfully leave

If you can take a photo out the front of the store that'd be great and if the storepeople are friendly and let you take a photo handing over the report to them that'd be ace to! Upload the photo here after and let us all know how it went. How did the staff respond? Had they heard about the issue already? Were they concerned?

Stop APRIL from destroying rainforest and draining peatland in Indonesia
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