Food choices, climate change and the environment


Food choices, climate change and the environment

The food choices we make every day are the largest threat to global biodiversity in the world and on an individual basis are responsible for the largest component of our carbon footprint. Even though this evidence is clear the environmental movement has shown very little interest in thinking about and/or addressing this issue. We need to have greater education about the impact that our individual food choices have on the environment and start critically thinking about our role as environmentalists in mitigating these impacts.

Intricately related to the environmental impact our food choices have is the impact our choices have on other individuals. Environmentalists are often thought of as progressive when it comes to topics of equality, justice and the responsibility for indivdiuals to behave in an ethical manner. Unfortunately, when it comes to food consumption the majority of environmentalists favour the oppression of other individuals, and subsequently the environment, rather than behaving in a way that fits their personal beliefs. We abhore the violence committed against threatened species while supporting such violence against those individuals we eat. We talk about justice for animals, people and the environment while ignoring the immense injustice we support by eating other individuals. We preach non-violence while committing unspeakable violence against those individuals we deem less worthy for no other reason than that they taste good. This illogic, born from tradition and culture, makes us blind to potential avenues to fight the destruction of our global environment and cripples the environmental movement. While we put bodies on the line to save a forest we are destroying five more by choosing to oppress vulnerable individuals.

To be the most effective movement possible and save as much of what precious environment we have left we must reflect deeply as individuals and as a community on our distructive food choices. Lets live by the non-violent message that we espouge rather than when it simply suits us to do so. 

The world will not be saved from atop the bodies of the oppressed. 

To highlight the link between food choices and climate change, and to discuss the responsibility of the environmental movement in this realm.
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