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Detox Outdoor

4 years ago, Greenpeace began campaigning to remove toxic chemicals from textiles used in the fashion industry. Detox is becoming a standard for textiles, something that brands such as Puma and Adidas are proud to be part of. Now the campaign shifts to another sector – the outdoor industry.

PFCs are the problem. Per and polyfluorinated chemicals are used to make products waterproof and dirt-repellent. Once released into the environment, they are persistent. Some PFCs cause harm to reproductive systems, affect the hormone system and are linked to the growth of tumours.

The solution already exists and some small companies have PFC-free outdoor gear. But some leading outdoor companies are dragging their feet.

Main campaign website

We would like to engage outdoor communities to get them campaigning with us, to challenge outdoor companies to eliminate PFCs and create market demand for toxic free outdoor gear.

What you can do

  1. Take part in the campaign yourself - all details are on the website
  2. Identify ‘outdoor’ communities near you: hiking, birdwatchers, climbing, kayaking, angling, scouts and guides etc
  3. Encourage people in those communities to join the movement, starting with signing the manifesto
  4. Encourage them to take part in the PFC quest, asking for PFC-free gear in stores or on brands’ social media sites.

Eliminate toxic chemicals from the production of textiles and from the environment
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