Ban The Bag VIC


Ban The Bag VIC

Welcome all Victorian Ambassadors for #BantheBag!

Scientists estimate that around 8 million tonnes of plastic is ending up in the ocean each year. 30% of the world’s turtles and 90% of seabirds have ingested plastic debris. By 2050, 99% of the world’s seabird species will be accidentally eating plastic (CSIRO).

Australians use around 4 billion plastic bags every year - that’s a whopping 10 million or so each day. Clean Up Australia estimate that around 50 million of these end up as litter and make their way into our waterways and ocean.

What are we calling for:
Environment groups are calling for a ban on bags up to 70 microns thick - including degradable and biodegradable bags, and support a transition and education program and urge action by NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia to introduce a ban.

To Ban single use Plastic bags in Victoria
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