Join Greenpeace protest: Commbank STOP funding COAL impacts on health & climate

29 May, 2017 - 07:00 to 11:15 AEST
Cormorant Road, Kooragang Island
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Photo Opportunity
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Right now, Newcastle residents are sending CommBank a message: stop financing coal projects that are cutting lives short.

Local residents are gathering outside the third coal terminal of the world’s largest coal port – Newcastle. And they are pegging their dirty laundry to the fence to highlight the health impacts of coal dust in the Hunter Valley. Australian communities are famously resilient and they deserve clean air and a just transition away from dirty energy.

Can you help deliver the message to CommBank - the biggest Australian funder of fossil fuel last year? For our health, for the climate, and for green jobs.


The ash-covered laundry carries our messages, directly asking the Commonwealth Bank to stop standing in the way of a just transition beyond coal.  Today’s message is calling for “#Coalbank “ to stop using customers’ money to bankroll dirty coal projects that damage our health and our climate.

Come on down quick: Join us in calling on CommBank to get out of the way of a transition to a clean energy future by ruling out using their customers’ money to back new coal projects.  We are gathering outside the third coal terminal on Kooragang Island – which CommBank lent $310 million of their customer's money to finance.

Last year Commbank was the biggest Australian funder of fossil fuels – despite their pledge to keep warming at less than two degrees. Today we are standing up for all communities impacted by fossil fuels.

More coal means more coal dust in our streets and our suburbs.

Come now to take action for clean air and a safe climate.

Location: Cormorant Road, Kooragang Island  

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