Cash for Containers - Coke campaign celebration

20 May, 2016 - 18:00 to 22:00 AEST
The Friend in Hand Pub Cowper Street 2007 North Sydney
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Party, Celebration
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We won!

After 13 years of campaigning by environmental and community groups around the state, the Cash for Containers - CDS (Container Deposit Scheme) was finally adopted by the NSW government last week!

This is a huge win for our parks and rivers, our marine life and the community - as the recycling scheme will create hundreds of jobs and tens of millions of dollars for charities. The program has the potential to provide a $150million p.a. boost to the recycling sector - with over $160million in private sector investment to build 600 new recycling collection points across the state.

We're also very excited that the adoption of this scheme by NSW will set an example for other states such as Queensland to introduce the CDS and pave the way for nationwide Cash for Containers Scheme.

This Friday we will take a moment to celebrate this historic victory, look back on the inspiring acts of creative confrontation from the community and show our appreciation to the countless courageous Australians (you) who helped to make this possible.

So before we get cracking on making sure the rest of Australia implements the scheme...

Join us to #TasteTheFeeling of a future for Australia that isn't trashed by Coke!

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