Welcome to Greenwire 3.0!


  It's very exciting to announce that we’ve just launched a new, mobile and tablet friendly version of Greenwire. Along the with the rest of the global GP community, we’re always trying to improve the platform in whatever way can to create the best possible tool for your organizing needs. So now, with one of the biggest updates yet, you can use Greenwire when and wherever you like, on the device of your choice.


Using Greenwire on your mobile or tablet is now much easier with content adapted to all screen sizes. Two sliding side menus provide easier navigation on mobile devices -- community content on the left and your messages, groups and events on the right. Greenwire’s overall look has even been overhauled in favour of a more minimalist, clean design, even when viewed on a full sized screen.

The new version also brings some added functionality. You now have more control over the emails you receive from Greenwire, and the on screen notifications alert will keep you looped in to new messages within the platform. We’ve also pimped the profile pages, the private messaging interface and the shoutbox.

We’ll be profiling all of these features in greater depth over the next little while, so keep an eye on the Greenwire’s front page for new updates. But for now, check out the new version of Greenwire and put forward any ideas or feedback that you've got below in the comments.

With your help, we’ll continue to improve this tool for effective organizing, building relationships and creating change!