Food Connect Workshop - Jolivet, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

21 Avril, 2018 - de 10:00 à 14:00 SAST
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Food Connect Workshop Programme  - 21 April 2018 - Jolivet, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. 

Session 1

10h00 - 10h10  Welcome/Intro partner organisations 
10h10 - 10h40  Gogo and Youth Storytelling 
10h40 - 11h30  Seed Play workshop 

11h30 - 11h45  Tea Break 

Session 2

11h45 - 11h50  Intro Terra Viva Collective (signing of the Terra Viva – A people’s pact to protect the planet and each other) 
11h50 - 11h55  Intro Slow Food Communities (signing of the Slow Food Manifesto)
11h55 - 12h30  Food Gardening demo -  Intro Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture

12:30 - 1pm Light ‘Slow Food’ Lunch 

Workshop objectives
Sharing knowledge, permaculture solutions, agroecological farming methods; sustainability, seed saving & storing and we encourage the growing and eating of clean wholesome food. Forming a 'Terra Viva Collective' linking it with the signing of  the Terra Viva – A people’s pact to protect the planet and each other and using/adapting the Terra Viva Manifesto as a workable framework for future community programmes and projects. Also working towards a People's Assembly. * People’s Assembly primary aim that be laying out a collective vision through participatory planning at the local level towards a future we all want, that is GMO free, poison free, fossil fuels free, patent free, “free trade“- free, and free of corporate control. Assembly for the environment for humanity!

Workshop coordinators
Delwyn Pillay (Food Connect), Crosby Luhlongwane (Terra Viva Marianhill), and Grace Vaughan (Health Outreach Volunteer).