FOOD CONNECT CAMPAIGN Update: 06 October 2017

Dear Food Connect Family & Seed Freedom Warriors,


It's with great pleasure to have finally find the chance to touch base with you (unfortunately I don't get the opportunity to send more regular updates as much as I would like to). The last Food Connect Campaign update email was dated 15 July 2017. 


FCC update topics: Events highlights, World Food Day Celebrations, Olympic Seed Festival, Navdanya News: 2 New Reports.


*First a quick side note with regards to the seed bank and seed library. Both of which the records I need to update online. There has been quite a few seed transactions which I still have to update for the online records. 


Events highlights 

FCC main events highlights since the last update was the Arbor Week - Visit to the Silverglen Medicinal Plants Nursery (06 September 2017) and the Urban Organic Farming Value Chain Workshops - Field Visit (28-30 September 2017). For the Arbor Week - Visit to the Silverglen Medicinal Plants Nursery the synopsis is in the form of a press release which I drafted out for the event. Of which you can find the photo-set on greenwire here: and the photo-set of the Urban Organic Farming Value Chain Workshops - Field Visit is up on greenwire as well:


The field visit was part of the programme for sustainable youth and women employment in eThekwini Municipality through urban organic farming value chain hosted by UKZN’s Centre in Indigenous Knowledge Systems, eThekwini Municipality and the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE).


World Food Day Celebrations

It's awesome to see all the upcoming events in support of World Food Day across the country. From Cape Town with the Mother City Seed Community Swap & Picnic to Johannesburg with tomorrow's Soweto Eat In 2017. And YES of course here in Durban as well. We can't get left out right! Thanks to Biowatch SA for putting together a mouth-watering fest full of the delicious, nutritious and sustainable! That be the SIBUYISELA ULWAZI Food and Seed Festival held at the Botanic Gardensfrom 25-26 October. Check you peeps there!


Also from our side we busy playing around with the idea of doing a DiscoSoup. Which we hope to tie in with the event happening at the Nelson Mandela Chatsworth Youth Centre on 22 Oct. Which is an 'activation' event in support World Food Day. The event programme includes: initiating a 'Door Size Food Garden' in every home in Chatsworth & Welbedact - inviting all residents to a workshop at the youth centre - setting up an actual food garden and showing them how to go about creating one. 


*Disco Soup started 5 years ago as Schnippeldisko in Berlin, Germany, a “protest soup” against food waste..Throughout the food system there’s an enormous amount of perfectly good food being wasted; whether it’s vegetables left to rot in the fields, food discarded by supermarkets or consumers not using what they buy. Disco Soup aims to raise awareness of this global problem by showing that all this “waste” is actually perfectly edible, even it requires a little effort.


A few important ingredients are:
- a good idea
- a catching name
- a good communication plan
- contact with local farmers or other producers
- music
- as many people as you like


Olympic Seed Festival

It was with great honour and humbling for me to receive the letter and invite to the 2nd Olympic Seed Festival and the 18th Peliti Seed Festival which will take place on the land of Peliti in Mesochori Paranestion, Greece.


The Olympic Seed Festival was born after Peliti's suggestion at the People's Assembly for the Future of our Food and Planet alongside the Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague, on 14-16 October 2016. The first Olympic Seed Festival was organised by Peliti, under the support of Navdanya and the Seed Freedom Movement, and was held in Peliti on 19-21 of April 2017, with the participation of people, movements and organisations from 17 countries.


And so Peliti can cover my transportation from Thessaloniki's airport and back, food and accommodation. However I'll still have to cover my transportation to Thessaloniki (Macedonia Airport). As a full-time volunteer that will be impossible for me to do so. If you know of any sponsor or potential funder do give me a shout! Ta! Attached to this email is the invitation letter. 


Navdanya News: 2 New Reports

Directly below you can find the latest reports by Navdanya. 



Delwyn Pillay

Food Connect Campaign

Seed Freedom Movement​




Navdanya News: 2 New Reports

People's Assembly 

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The Toxic Story of RoundUp: Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology

The report describes the origins and growth of the Poison Carteland the ways in which these giant agri-business companies (Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Chem China, Dow, Dupont, Basf) gain and keep control of their empires, among other things, in collusion with governmental agencies, as recently revealed in the Poison Papers and Monsanto Papers, undermining independent science and our democracies. It also describes the history of RoundUp and of RoundUp ready crops, and theirimpact on the environment and on people’s health, and the damage they are causing to our ecosystem. The report ends with a section on how the only possible response to the ecological and climate crisis, poverty, malnutrition and health emergencies which confront the world today, is through biodiversity-based agroecology, a toxic-free, harmless and vibrant agriculture, free of fossil fuels and poisons, and redirect our economic interests from the present linear, extractive and industrial paradigm to a regenerative ecological and nature-based circular approach.
Download pdf
Also read: Launch of the Report “The Toxic Story of RoundUp: Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology”
Poison Cartel Fact Sheet

Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience

How Biodiversity and Agroecology offer Solutions to Climate Change by Growing Living Carbon
The last two centuries of dependence on fossil fuels has created multiple distortions in our view of the world, of our production and consumption systems, of our ideas of efficiency and productivity, of our ideas of technological progress, of the way we produce and distribute our food.This report synthesises more than 3 decades of Navdanya’s work on Biodiversity Conservation and Agroecology as solutions to Climate Changeby sowing Seeds of Hope and Seeds of Resilience. Navdanya's work with communities across India to conserve Biodiversity and practice Agroecology based on Biodiversity intensification shows that not only can we address climate change and rejuvenate the planet, one seed at a time, but also that, in so doing we produce more and better food which could provide enough nourishment for two times the world population.
Dowload pdf
Also Read: Seeds Of Hope Report 

Navdanya at 2017 National Heirloom Exposition

Santa Rosa, California, USA, September 5th and 7th 2017


Navdanya at Soil Not Oil International Conference

Richmond, California, USA, September 6th and 9th 2017

"The Toxic Story of RoundUp" Report Launch at 2017 National Heirloom Expo, with Dr Vandana Shiva and Robert F. Kennedy Jr

"The Future of Seed Freedom" - Panel at 2017 National Heirloom Expo with Ruchi Shroff - Navdanya International, Seed Freedom Campaign Coordinator, Debbie Barker, Bob McFarland and Dr Vandana Shiva.





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