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Young artivists and environmental justice activists of the Durban community earmarked South Africa's Youth Day to launch the Food Connect Campaign in Durban. The aim of the campaign is to reconnect people with the food production cycle, from seed to plate. The Green Camp, a pioneering independent urban renewal project in Umbilo, Durban hosted the launch in commemoration of the June 16, 1976 Youth Uprising which began in Soweto and spread countrywide, profoundly changing the sociopolitical landscape in South Africa. 

Food Connect is part of the growing, global movement for food freedom. All caring, creative and passionate people can contribute towards fixing our broken food system. This is our time to rise up and support the EcoFood Revolution that will ensure our food sovereignty. Food sovereignty is about empowering communities so they can determine for themselves how food is produced, traded and consumed in ways that are healthy, culturally appropriate and produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods. 

“We’re talking healthy, wholesome food that's as good for the planet as it is for people, a fairer food system that supports small-scale community food producers, food that's grown without chemicals and GMOs and is designed to help people and the environment rather than make massive profits for multinational corporations … The launch of the Food Connect Campaign on 16th June, 2016 will showcase ecologically farmed local food in creative and innovative ways and will include cooking and other fun demonstrations. We also plan to establish the first Seed Library in South Africa! Just as traditional libraries store knowledge and encourage literacy so can seed libraries teach seed and food literacy and help us rediscover our histories and culture because – just like storytelling, song, and art – agriculture is part of culture, and the revival of our food and farming traditions empowers communities.” – Delwyn Pillay, Durban based Greenpeace Africa volunteer and seed freedom activist 

1. Food for People
2. Valuing Food Providers
3. Localising Food Systems
4. Making Decisions Locally
5. Building Knowledge and Skills
6. Working with Nature
7. Recognising That Food Is Sacred

• Green Camp Gallery Project • Greenpeace Volunteers Durban  • CitiZen Gardens • Community Connect • Centre for Civil Society, UKZN 
• International Youth Development Network • Shallcross Youth Movement (SHAYOMO)

Reconnect people with the food production cycle, from seed to plate.
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