12. What is a Network Coordinator?


Network coordinators plan and encourage participation in events, motivating local people to get active. Because each network is different, the specifics of the coordinator’s role can vary, but it always includes:

  • Attracting new people
  • Retaining active people
  • Developing strong lines of communication within the network and with the Greenpeace outreach team
  • Organising events and activities
  • Creating a friendly, interesting environment
  • Creating new Local Groups where possible
  • Providing Offline training as well as online training

Network coordinators can expect:

  1. An initial induction, regular one-to-ones by telephone and periodic reviews with the network developer.
  2. Meeting opportunities with the network developer, other network coordinators and other key activists.
  3. Support to develop new and existing active supporter networks.
  4. Reasonable expenses can be reimbursed.