Upcycling: a begginer's introduction

Have you ever looked at you recycling bins and thought “I could rather make a lamp cover from those bottles” or “This would make a great jewelry holder”? If you haven’t, you probably spend too much time volunteering at the animal shelter or reforesting your neighbourhood to stand around trash and get deep about it. If you have, however, you are not alone. Millions of people have adapted upcycling as a way to not only turn trash into usable items, but also to save a few bucks while contributing to lowered consumption of resources.

Upcycling is using an item as raw trash to fulfil a new purpose, opposed to recycling, which processes trash to be made into a new item. The difference is basically that you need industrial processes to recycle, but only creativity and a few tools to upcycle. Upcycling can be as easy as washing out a ice-cream tub and putting your tea collection in it. Some people have built greenhouses from used soda bottles. Projects can range from creativity based through to practicality focused, although you can never have too much pazaz on a candle holder or glitter on a newspaper pen.
Upcycled items can also make cheap and personalised décor to housing your own vegetable garden in your apartment, all you need is creativity and a bit of trash to make it happen.


Here are some of my future projects I have lined up:












For more ideas, simply hit Google. Pinterest has many, MANY ideas and YouTube has some tutorials, but relevance is a bit of a challenge.

Happy upcycling!